Alummni - Putting you in control

At Alummni we are passionate about people, their values, true potential and ability to be part of an exceptional team. We partner with individuals and organisations to harness the value in their people enabling them to become the leaders in their business community.

With offices in Marlow we have easy access to London and the Home Counties, but in this growing technological world we embrace the use of such innovations as the telephone and the internet, which minimise the expenditure of those rare commodities, time and money.


Alummni Corporate Coaching
Alummni Team Coaching

Boardroom Facilitation

Improved Board efficiency and performance

Corporate Coaching

Developing individuals, creating winning teams

Team Coaching

Improved team and business performance

Personal Coaching

Identifying dreams, developing and achieving goals

Personal development coaching is our business, which in simple terms, is a journey into self awareness. The better we understand ourselves and the reasons behind our actions, the better we are able to form effective relationships and meet the challenges we face in our lives. We are all unique and as such coaching is a journey that is specific to each of us, which invariably will start with an exploration into what it is we want to achieve. In understanding the reason for achieving something we are then better equipped to understand our motivations for doing so. The combination of self awareness, understanding why we want to do something and our motivations to achieve it, is so powerful that succeeding becomes easy.