Alummni - Developing individuals, creating winning teams

Alummni was founded on what might be deemed the old fashioned values of integrity, genuineness and community, believing that the success of any team is derived from the cohesion formed between a set of individuals working towards a shared vision. This applies within business, sport, family and social teams and is anchored by competition, self-awareness and the want to help others.

Alummni exists to unleash the true potential in all individuals by developing their self-awareness. Enhanced self-awareness enables people to set and achieve stretch goals, initially working with a qualified coach, but in a short space of time they will have the confidence and skills to do it by themselves. You are now able to achieve whatever you want and this extends to the success of the teams and businesses within which you function.

At Alummni we believe that in a world that never stops that time taken out for considered reflection is pivotal to continued business success. A coherent business strategy is key to a sustainable, long term business. A coaching culture will ensure the strategy becomes the shared vision of all within the organisation. Through coaching we support a ‘can do’ mentality, enabling individuals, managers and executives to improve their own and organisational performance.