Boardroom facilitation - Media Plc

As a board we have always embraced new guidelines with regard to governance of Plc boards relevant to companies of our size. We were introduced to Alummni Limited and Michael Cartwright by one of our Non-Executives and found Michael’s approach to be both professional and informative. His approach was engaging and as a business we walked away from the process with some key actions to benefit the effectiveness of the board.


A £50m AIM Listed IT Services business we had always conducted a formal internal annual board evaluation, but the feeling was that it added little value. Use of an external facilitator looked like an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of the exercise. I discussed the situation with Michael Cartwright who suggested that a coaching approach might be effective in terms of results, cost and time commitment and he made an attractive proposal to us. The results were much better than in previous years, in terms of confronting issues and agreeing actions as a result.  Michael had the stature to gain the attention and respect of a mature and experienced board. The whole exercise was efficient and cost-effective.


Corporate Coaching

When I first started talking to Michael my goals were quite vague. He immediately established rapport through his enthusiastic and motivational manner. He then helped me to focus on what was important to me as I went through a major change in my work patterns. In each of the important areas he then helped me to come up with actions that resulted in positive thinking and progress on my part. Thank you.

Plc Chairman

I came to see Michael with a slightly cynical view of coaching, mainly through ignorance, and the value of which, I initially thought was minimal. However, after the first couple of sessions, I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I could see the goals that I wanted to achieve in a clearer light. He encouraged me to realise the ideas that I had by actioning them rather than merely thinking about them.

Michael's coaching has enabled me to move on from the stalemate that I had reached in progressing my business forward, to achieve a more structured approach in taking the right path which will hopefully lead me in the right direction at this time.

Business owner